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Unsecured loans for your small or medium-sized business.

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A better way to grow your business

Less risk

Unsecured funding means no personal or business guarantees. We base our lending on the cash flow of your business.

Lower cost

Benefit from a lower cost of borrowing vs. many debt funds, private equity and venture capital funds.

More freedom

Use the capital the way you need it.

Up to €10 million in funding

What do you need capital for?


Acquire a company


Acquire a shareholder


Management buy-outs or buy-ins


Fund special projects


Fund internationalization


Fund working capital


Operating expenses


New machinery


Other capital expenditures

More flexible than bank loans.
Cheaper than equity.

Banks Bespoke Debt Funds Private Equity Funds
Cost Lower interest rates (due to collateral) Market rates for the term and risk Expected returns usually in the low- to mid- double digits per year Expected returns above 20% per year
Guarantees Often require personal guarantees / collateral No guarantees Asset pledge / negative pledge Equity to achieve expected return
Amortisations profile Generally amortising 48-month grace, then 7 equal quarterly amortisations Generally bullet structures Drag-along rights
Tenor Long-term funding options are scarce, other than mortgage-based lending 5.5 years 3 - 7 years 5-year investment horizon
Use of funds Specific, only fund certain operations Highly flexible Flexible, but can influence covenants and pricing Flexible, but can influence covenants and pricing
Covenants / conditions Covenant heavy Covenant light Covenant heavy with control rights Covenant heavy with control rights
Response time 4 - 6 weeks 4 - 8 weeks 2 - 3 months 2 - 3 months
Other No equity dilution or loss of control No equity dilution or loss of control Potential loss of control Equity dilution

Unsecured, 5.5-year funding

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€20 million in revenue


€2 million in EBITDA


3 years positive EBITDA


Located in Spain

50 companies funded

€200 million loaned