Iván Cristóbal

Co-founder, Executive Chairman, Spain

  • Iván is the co-founder of Be-Spoke Capital, the Executive Chairman in Spain and has over 20 years of experience in private markets within Spain.
  • Prior to Be-Spoke Capital, Iván was an Independent Insolvency Administrator who has dealt with 150 cases with total liabilities of more than €1.5bn in various industries. He is acknowledged as a restructuring mediator by the association of the insolvency administrators in Spain.
  • Prior to his career in insolvency administration, Iván worked at Citibank in Equity Capital Markets.
  • Iván holds degrees in auditing and economics and master’s from the University of Barcelona and Valencia. Iván lectures on bankruptcy procedures in the University of Valencia and has been involved in various national discussions with courts across Spain with regards to the practices of bankruptcy law