Lars Schmidt-Ott

Founder, CEO Be-Spoke Spain

  • Lars is the founder of Be-Spoke Capital and the CEO of Be-Spoke Capital Spain.
  • Prior to Be-Spoke Capital, Lars co-founded and was the CEO of Capital Efficiency Group AG, (the manager of the PREPS platform) which provided
    over €2.2bn in SME credit across Europe, financing 315 companies across 8 countries.
  • Prior to CEG, Lars was a Member of the Executive Team of Swiss Re NM in charge of Global Banking, managing international teams across multiple sectors, including securitisation and credit-linked products and a member of the Executive Team and Managing Director of Fox-Pitt, Kelton. He had previously worked as consultant for The Boston Consulting Group and started his career in M&A at UBS.
  • Lars holds Masters in Finance from HSG St Gallen and ESCP Business School in Paris.